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Influenced (scarred?) at an early age by Samuel Beckett, Jorge Luis Borges and Bill Scott (the writer of The Bullwinkle Show), Ray is still looking for his voice. (Perhaps he will see it by the sound by the sea.) His first major foray - some consider it a forray - was Voices of History, a 45 minute arts-in-education program written for the Handel and Haydn Society, which has received over 1000 performances over the last 20 years.


With his poet-friend Bill Yarrow, he is embarked on a book project, the working title of which is A Chestbook Festschrift. The critics might say, "If I truly understood all that’s in this book, I would go mad, and I don’t have the insurance coverage for that."

Selected Writing Samples:

From Voices of History, written for the Handel & Hadyn Society
  Skit A - 1066
  Skit B - 1453
  Skit C - 1689
  Skit D - 1815
From A Chestbook Festschrift
  Disaster in Nantasket
  The Anger Shoppe
  More to come...