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The Choral Management Package is an easy to use software package that addresses the needs of choral directors and administrators for efficient data management and savings in time!

See screenshots here.


The package handles multiple choruses and includes calendar layouts to display schedules. It ships as a "runtime" version of FileMaker Pro 13 and requires no additional software. CMP runs on both PC and Macintosh computers.

Price: $119

(This softward deserves to be better known, so I'm keeping the price low.)


This price includes:
1) License for two computers;
2) 30 minutes of tech support, training or customization (really!);
3) Free product upgrade until December 31, 2015.

The Choral Management Package (CMP) has six main areas:

1. Programs - Plan programs, track music ordering,

    prepare publicity;
2. Events - Organize concert and rehearsal schedules;
3. Library - Track composers, titles, texts & translations, duration

    and lending;
4. Roster - Organize recruiting, display roster lists five ways,

    show sections, record attendance, email to roster;
5. Contacts - Email contacts or print mailing lists and labels,

    count for bulk mail, track grants and donations;
6. Finances - Compare budget vs. actual and income vs.

    expenses, fundraising;

As they say, "And much more!"